Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Your SOA needs a Business Case

"SOA is, by definition, about achieving business agility through the use of business services. So a SOA business case must describe the benefits in those terms and not in terms of technical goals."

That is what Piet Jan Baarda states in a brilliant article on how the create a business case for SOA.

The business case for SOA can be found in the following scenario’s, he says:

1. Products and services
2. Regulation
3. Channels
4. Acquisitions
5. Hosting
6. Business to business
7. Combinations of the above

And he continues: "When no such case is found SOA is still applied as an architecture style. It allows you to tackle opportunities just in time. Without SOA great opportunities may be missed."

[Click the picture to enlarge]

The article is published as a 10-page PDF-file and is really the best one on SOA a came across lately!

Well done, Piet Jan!


tusjain said...

Right information at right time. I was looking for the business case for one of my client.


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TEK said...

Great post. Tributes to Piet Jan Baarda for the article, tributes to you for referring to it!

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