Tuesday, November 04, 2008

SOA, EDA and CEP a winning combo

Now also Udi Dahan joined the debate on CEP, EDA and SOA. Udi is a respected visionary on SOA and EDA, whose opinion I most of the time (if not always) highly agree with.

The nice thing about Udi is that he is able to explain architectural concepts in terms of practical code-level examples.

In his article SOA, EDA and CEP a winning combo he says:

Although there aren’t many who would say that EDA is necessary for driving down coupling in SOA, or that SOA won’t likely provide much value without EDA, or that SOA is necessary for providing the right boundaries for EDA, it’s been my experience that that is exactly the case.
And he concludes with:
CEP, while being a challenging engineering field, and managing the technical risks around it necessary for a project to succeed in some circumstances, and really shines when used under the SOA/EDA umbrella, it should not be taken by itself and used at the topmost architectural levels.
From now on Udi definitely is my soul mate...

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