Saturday, October 16, 2010

My wife wants to buy an iPad!

The world is tilting. The balance of power in the world is radically changing. Perhaps you are not fully aware of it, but look for instance to Piraeus, the harbor of Athens, which since shortly is for nearly 100% in the hands of China, as well as the Argentine railways are and also the Cordoba subway.

But also in our own professional domains you may witness tilting:

  • Rich proprietary solutions are changing from more to less popular than open standards based solutions.
  • IT-demand is changing from company internal IT-suppliers to external suppliers, who are getting cheaper, more secure and more reliable than internal suppliers.
  • Trust models are changing from less to more popular and reliable than former contract based models, because failure is starting to have much more consequences for the providers in competing markets than for consumers of the services.
  • Own IT-supplies of individuals are getting much more sophisticated than those provided by companies to their employees.
  • IT-supported connectivity between individuals has moved to a much higher degree of pervasion than connectivity between companies is.
  • The market is shaping the enterprise and not the other way around as it used to be for times.
  • Companies are changing focus from decision and planning cycles to adaptability, resilience and the ability to sense change.
  • Management is changing from command and control to facilitating as education and knowledge is getting commodity for individuals and crowds.
  • Power is changing from authority-based to influence-based in a world that is getting hyper empowered.
And above all, my wife - who is completely insensitive of technology-hypes and "must-have" gadgets - wants to buy an iPad!