Thursday, September 30, 2010

Maintaining user interfaces is waste of money and out-dated

Does your company still want to build its own user interfaces of the customer web-sites? Do you have headaches about all these new devices popping up? Android? iPad? New versions of HTML, Flash, Silverlight and so on, to be supported? All those browsers to be supported? Different screen formats? CSS-complexities? steep tooling learning curves? Cumbersome software version control? Does full support of all those (versions of) user interfaces cost you more than the content to be exposed?

Well, the answer is: Don't build user interfaces anymore. From now on they are free, they arise from nothing at the cost of not a single dime - in fact at no cost at all - within days or even hours after you unlock your data. At a diversity you never could have dreamed of. This is no fairytale, but reality at this very moment.

Months before we - at Dutch Railways - published our mobile app to supply travel information, a full high quality equivalent was made available to the public domain by someone we didn't know and we didn't pay.

The world is changing rapidly. Witness this great momentum and be part of it. After watching the video below your conception of user interfaces will never be the same anymore. This is only the beginning...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Client Server versus Publish Subscribe

Event-driven architecture (EDA) is an asynchronous pattern which can be implemented with a publish/subscribe (pub/sub) mechanism. Pub/sub is basically a decoupling mechanism in a landscape of communicating systems. Not only the technology of the communicating systems is decoupled, but also presence in time of the communicating systems is decoupled and even locations are decoupled as there is no endpoint resolution applicable.

There are lots of products implementing the pub/sub mechanism. The video below is about OpenSplice DDS (Distributed Data Systems), but that is of no importance. The reason I republish this video in this posting is the fact that the guys of OpenSplice did a splendid job in explaining pub/sub and the advantages compared to the client/server pattern.

Enjoy and get unlighted!