Sunday, November 16, 2008

Enterprise Agility - An Integrated Approach

Earlier this year I published a posting on the purpose of Enterprise Architecture in your company. I explained what the environment dynamics are in a what technologies form the layer of indirection between the business and changing contexts.

Lars Hansen
, a student at the IT-university in Denmark took the subject of enterprise agility to an academic level with a thesis called: Enterprise Agility - An Integrated Approach (PDF).

His focal point is agility in relation to business processes and information systems. He analyzes the relationship between BPM, SOA and EA (Enterprise Architecture). He sees EA playing a very different role in regards to agility compared to that of BPM and SOA; EA is taking the long-term enterprise-wide look at resource utilization in the enterprise. In some ways, this long-term view is an anti-thesis to agility, but he sees huge synergies in using EA in combination with BPM and SOA. However, he also finds that something is missing from the equation. To be able to integrate EA, BPM and SOA there need be a shared language to understand the architecture as a whole.

Worthwhile reading!


RackWrack said...


There is a problem with the URL leading to
I don't think it is a part of thesis research anymore.

Best wishes,
Peter Sjoelin

Jack Stone said...

Lars was a great observant I must say, it takes so much knowledge to notice that and come up with a conclusion. I learned something. Thanks.

Virginia N. said...

@RackWrack and others wanted to read the thesis of Lars Hansen:

The original link is down, but if go to following page on web archive you can still download and read it. I did it and found the work very solid and full on substance. It's big, but worth going over, even three years later. Here is the link: