Thursday, June 25, 2009

Proudly Presented: The Cloud

I came across a book titled "Collaboration in the Cloud". It's about business, collaboration and Cloud Computing. A PDF-copy is freely available and may also be distributed freely. You can download the 6MB PDF-file by clicking the link below:

Collaboration in the Cloud

The book is written by 5 experts, 3 from Sogeti and 2 from Microsoft. The authors address the changes and opportunities that come with a new world that is starting to show all around us. They talk about autonomous, bottom up organizations where innovation and collaboration are part of the culture. Analogies with the industrial revolution are used to illustrate the extraordinary era we witness today.

I share this file on my weblog to supply my blog readers with some interesting thoughts in order to make up an opinion about how conventional companies (till the extend of large enterprises) can gain the same advantage of these technologies as the bottom up organizations do. It may help you to develop a vision and to establish strategies.


Brad said...

Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for sharing such an information. Actually I need a lot more information about cloud computing, thats why planned to attend the 2nd Annual Virtual Conference which is going to be hosted online march 2010. I believe i can gather much info about cloud computing.