Saturday, August 09, 2008

Writing lesson on EDA

The frequency I am publishing blog-postings has decreased for a while. The reason is that I am participating in writing a course on SOA. The part I am writing is lesson 6, about event-driven architecture. It makes fun (most of the time) as well as exhaustion (once in a while).

As far as I know there are not very much books published on the subject of event-driven architecture as a modeling approach at a business process level. Viewing the business as a collection of relevant business events that are planned to react upon has not very much been published about.

That makes my contribution to the course a lot of out-of-the-box thinking based on 3 decades of practical expience in the software development field. It is exciting to write down original ideas with the knowledge it will be actively distributed to an interested audience. The readers will be offered deep insights on practical EDA. I am not very much a public speaker, but I love writing!

You might be interested in what I, and others, got to tell. If you understand Dutch you can find more details on this SOA-course here.


Paul Vincent said...

Hi Jack - sounds like an interesting project. If you want feedback, you could publish concepts and snippets of the EDA course here on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Jack, could you write more in your blog about modeling of EDA? e.g. in UML?
I wrote about my problem in, but I there is not discussion. Thanks