Friday, July 04, 2008

SOA and business applications

I recognize some ambiguity with regard to "business applications". In my model business applications might be defined as software algorithms with focus on supporting business processes. I agree that SOA and EDA are architecture patterns. But I disagree it is not about business applications. In my opinion - from a real life perspective - these architecture patterns strongly focus on how to apply a software based layer to support the business processes. And so being part of the business applications at the same time as being - more idealistic - an approach to shape the business processes.

The same applies to BPM as a means of how to shape business processes (horizontally) AND how to link the business processes to the software layer (vertically). In real life BPM is synonymous with standards based tooling to shape business processes and which spawns BPEL (software algoritms) to execute the processes in an IT-environment and thus being some kind of business application itself.

And also CEP - closely related to BAM - has everything to do with software based algorithms to support business processes by correlation (software based representations of) business events. And thus belonging to the business application layer IMHO.

In short: I tend to view the whole picture, business and IT, and not only one of them. I consider the business application layer as the IT counterpart of the business process layer. Even a fully automated business process has in essence a business perspective and an IT perspective. Viewing it this way might clear some of the potential and understandable mystifications.

I realize that juggling between those two worlds has been my profession for over 30 years already... and nowadays it's more exciting than ever before.


Nick Malik said...

Hi Jack,

Reading your post, I got the impression that I came in to the middle of a conversation.

Is there a prior post that sets the context for what your are trying to discuss?

Jack van Hoof said...

Hi Nick,

It started with a comment by Paul Vincent here on this blog entry on my blog.


Monty said...

I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!

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