Thursday, June 05, 2008

Enterprise Architect versus Solution Architect

About during my date with one of our project leaders, Nick Malik (who else) posted a small blog entry on the partitioning of responsibilities of an enterprise architect and a solution architect. And again I fully agree with him.

He published this picture to show his view on the "Span of Responsibility" triangles.

Nick states:

Enterprise architects take the long view. No one else is paid to.

These are exactly the words that didn't come to my mind when I desperately needed them.

[Hope you don't mind I borrowed your picture, Nick]


Nick Malik said...

You know I don't mind, Jack, but I updated the picture a little. You might want to pull the most current one.

Jack van Hoof said...

Thanks Nick,

I understand your change, it makes sense...


Pradeep Bhutani said...

Picture Explains it all !!!
Great work !!!

Jim said...

Just read the full blog post by Nick Malik theres some good information there along with some gray areas in Nicks examples it looks like the EA is concerned about entire set of applications running at the enterprise which i would not agree with does a EA exist in a company that produces and makes a product, say some shrink-wrapped product? It appears to me from the discussion above that it mostly makes sense for the company where IT serves company main business which is usually not software related. Of course in your situation Microsoft’s main business is software. Probably it depends on the size of the company, but in any case the customers of EA are other departments of the company and not directly the external customer.