Monday, April 07, 2008

BPM already offered as SaaS

A few days ago I posted about the Marriage of BPM and SaaS. A fellow-blogger - Roeland Loggen, whom I happened to meet last Friday in Amsterdam and who happened to be a BPM expert - commented on my posting telling me that BPM is already offered as SaaS.

The links Roeland added are very interesting. See how e.g. Lombardi offers a process design tool as SaaS:

The resulting process models can be exported to be run by leading BPM execution suites.

I don't intend to push forward Lombardi. I just use this company as an easy showcase of my previous posting. I hope they don't care (...)

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Roeland Loggen said...

More info on

2400 users, purely US based. No clear plans for international roll-out ("2009" mentioned)

(and I am also not in any way involved in Lombardi)