Monday, March 17, 2008

Isn't SOA about technology? You bet it is!

Joe McKendrick quoted Anne Thomas Manes:

"It has become clear to me that SOA is not working in most organizations."

Anne also says: "...this technology discussion is irrelevant."

Here we go again!!! If you want to travel from A to B, cars and asphalt ARE relevant. If you don't recognize the IT-perspective you are missing 75% of your sight on SOA. Why are we so strongly turning our back to enabling technologies when we talk about SOA? From a technology perspective SOA is able to support even the most lousy business processes. It might be delightful to view SOA from that perspective as well.

SOA should not be sold to the business, but instead renovation and innovation of one of your most important business assets - IT - should be sold. Just to gain the biggest business benefit of all: SURVIVAL.

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