Monday, June 18, 2007

Zachmann versus Zachman

Quoted from Zachmann (beware!):

  • SOA is a plausibly good and sometimes even useful idea that has been blown far out of proportion by various parties with their own axes to grind.
And this:
  • By all means, include real SOA in your range of options. If you get the chance, enjoy the cocktails and the golf! Don't, however, let yourself be beguiled into believing that it's really anything different from what you can already do quite well using Web services with .NET. It most certainly is not.
And what about this one (for heaven's sake!):
  • SOA simply means designing application systems that create and access local or network services

Okay, fair enough, he is right in: The basic architectural ideas date back to the '60s.

But thank goodness it is not Zachman with single N, author of The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture, but Zachmann with double N who wrote the rest of this joke equating SOA with .NET web services.

In one of my previous postings I concluded that developers - in general - don't get the clue of SOA... See what I mean?

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Sjaak Laan said...

Obviously, this guy is completely missing the point, and has probably little experience in actually designing, or buiding, or even working with SOA based systems...

Sjaak Laan