Wednesday, November 29, 2006

SOA after the hype

Quotes from an interesting article I came across the other day:

  • "Without solid architecture and governance in place SOA is basically a waste of time."
  • "Another problem is that people are focusing on the "service oriented" rather than the "architecture." However, it's architecture and discipline that will enable SOA to deliver value."
  • "We're hearing too many organizations making really bad decisions -- such as rewriting their entire application portfolio to make it service-enabled...which is exactly the wrong approach."
  • "...customers have to take a step back from their discussions with vendors and make some decisions on their own about how they want to proceed with it."
  • " represents more of a cultural change than learning how to take advantage of a new feature."

Read the complete article... and make up your mind!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My comment to 1,4 quote is simple key. The more service's you have, the more maturity of your governance have to grow. If you have 1-10 reusable services and no plan to extend POC don't bother your self with registry, polices, profile, and runtime/design governance etc.
In contrast if author enterprise wide adoption, try to realize that the real goal is to sustain SOA adaption benefits, and that is done threw well, well done governance.
And thing to keep in mind governance is !equal one technology or vendor.

IMHO rewriting whole company app infrastructure to new technology regardless of TLA behind your back is not a bright decision at all.