Friday, August 18, 2006

In Search of Insight - the future of IT

Charles Nicholls wrote:

It is akin to asking you to drive a car where your dashboard has a speedometer showing the average speed yesterday, and the fuel gauge gives the fuel remaining in the tank at the end of last week. Oh, and you can only use the rear view mirror because there is no windscreen!
Clearly you wouldn’t drive your car like this – well at least not for long! But this is how we run businesses today, based on a rearward view of the business.

And this:
A key component of SOA is the underlying asynchronous message infrastructure; an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) system. ESB’s are typically based on Web Services standards and provide foundational services for SOA via an event driven messaging engine.
At the heart of this architecture are events, specifically XML messages. Ultimately the processes themselves, perhaps managed in a Business Process Management tool, are actioned by events.

I read Nicholls' paper on the future of IT and I felt very delighted.

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