Sunday, August 20, 2017

Anyone interested in API's?

I've been inactive for some years on this blog. But my life went on. I've recently been working intensively on an API Reference Architecture. The API Reference Architecture hits all the application level aspects of an enterprise API-platform from a conceptual viewpoint. It includes a 4-tier architecture, bimodal IT, end-to-end access control, SaaS-integration, and more.  I'd be glad to share and discuss experiences, insights, patterns and best practices on this subject and related subjects, just as I did a couple of years ago with regard to Event Driven Architecture.

By  a way of experiment I would like to poll the interest by publishing my bitcoin address. The collected value represents the level of interest. So if it is of no value to you, then you do nothing. If it has little value to you, then send me a little "bit". If it is of high value to you, then send me some more to the level of what you find it worth.

If I encounter any significant value, I will start sharing my knowledge and experiences on this blog. I will also start translating the API Reference Architecture from Dutch into English and make it accessible.

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